Newsletters for HVAC Businesses

“Sandy was exactly what I was looking for. Articulate, willing to offer suggestions, and most of all... a good listener.  Not only does Sandy listen well, she can so easily take what has been said, clarify the content and put it into action on paper quickly and cost efficiently.  Sandy can make the words have real meaning and capture the reader’s interest in moments.”            --David Sheldon, SellingWorx Plus Inc., Canada

Book Ghost Writing

“I had Sandy Fox assist in writing an e-book of mine.  She did an excellent job of taking the research material and my ideas and forming them into clear, focused writing.  She was willing to make revisions until it was just right.  She is easy to work with and prompt at meeting deadlines.  I have found Sandy reliable, timely, effective, and a pleasure to work with.”  --Joel Garfinkle, Executive Coach

“I want to thank you for all of your hard work, brilliant insight, and patience in bringing what was just a vision to reality.

“Your ability to make the complex simple-to-understand allowed us to cover areas in the book that would have otherwise been deemed too complex to cover.  I love the way you take wordy sentences of mine and arrange the text into short powerful sentences.  Your years of experience as a copywriter allowed the creation of a book with a consistent look and feel.

“Your suggestions (and gentle prodding) when I needed a nudge, kept us on task and on track.  I really enjoyed our brainstorming sessions on the phone.  I found them invaluable to the process and your ideas thought-provoking.  You have made this journey a fun and exciting one.  I have learned so much from you and would do it again without hesitation.

Thank you for being a perfect fit for the project!” --Mark Hutchinson, Insurance Agent, New York

Marketing and Book Coach

“I have been the benefactor of Sandy Fox’s expertise.  I found her very knowledgeable in writing tips, marketing, and technical information.  I was pleased with how willing she was to hear my desires I had for my business. She was very thoughtful when making suggestions.  Sandy was not over bearing, but instead she was very encouraging and supportive, especially when she knew I wanted something a certain way.

“Another benefit-- she was very pro-active in helping me learn by sending me helpful links to build my business. I felt like she was another set of eyes, ears and hands by watching out for something that would be helpful and beneficial for me and my business.

“I have found her to always be very friendly, easy to talk with, and trustworthy.  I highly recommend her services and know she will do her best work in any area of her expertise.” --Jane E. Jenkins, Counselor and author, Arkansas

"Sandy was wonderful to work with and did an excellent job editing my book. She was very thorough, honest, and helped me consider things I wouldn't have thought of before. For all of my future books, I will most definitely use Sandy's services. I highly recommend her!" -- Shawna Burns, author of Seed Digging

 Web copy-Landing pages, auto-responders

“You are so good it’s scary.  Like, it’d be DANGEROUS for the public if you ever decided to sell ‘high fructose corn syrup’ or ‘cigarettes’ for example.” — Joshua Sharp, owner, Complete401k, Washington 

Direct Mail Flyer for Political Campaign

“I needed a 200-word statement for publication to describe who I am, what I do, and what I’ve accomplished, in order to attract more supporters.  My writing is somewhat formal, and Sandy took my draft and made it more human, warm, and personable.  Her suggestions were valuable, and were offered in a very relaxed manner, not overbearing.  She gave me a fast turnaround.  I got immediate positive feedback from many who saw the finished product.” — Cynthia J, Attorney, California

Promotional Material- articles, web writing for Executive Coach

“Sandy is an excellent writer.  She is responsive, smart and knows how to write.  Her communication skills are wonderful.  She will clarify with you what you are wanting so she can nail it.  She writes interesting, useful articles with information targeted to my audience.  She integrates SEO techniques in a natural sounding way.  You will make a great choice in hiring Sandy. ”  ”—Joel Garfinkle, motivational speaker and career coach, California

Carefully Worded Employee Review

“Sandy can take your written words and work her work magic– to insure you come across articulate and professional.  She is prompt, easy to work with and got the job done!  A good person to have as an expert resource.  I look forward to working with [her] on a future project.”  — E. Houston, businessman, Texas

5 Star rating on Elance.   Rated:  160 out of 181,571 [May 2013]