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The Secret to Wealth for Self-employed... and others

The great joy of writing is the freedom associated with it. You can write anywhere. You have flexibility of time and place.  You can write in your pajamas... or on the beach.

The reality is, most writers slog away at a computer in a small office or dining room table.  They watch each precious cent. They pay bills.  Often, they have little set aside for retirement.  If they don't strike it big... they imagine their dismal future.  The gloom of a tiny apartment and a solitary light bulb. Ancient wallpaper peals from the wall.  Dinner-- a few crusts eaten in damp darkness.

Writers are good with imagination.

Now imagine the confidence that comes from having put away some money for retirement.  Now you write because you love it.  You are safe and secure.  Comfortable.  Surrounded by those things that bring you pleasure and joy.

What makes the difference?  It's not all about money.  It's about being wise with what you have. No one else will step in to take care of you in your old age.  Who knows if Social Security will still be around? It's up to you.  Plan.

We are not always wise in knowing that to do with our money.  What's safe?  What's reasonable?  How can we build our small retirement into something useful and joyful?

I want to share with you something I've come across.  Check it out and see if it might help you have the freedom to write and the security of a comfortable... or even plentiful retirement.

I want to introduce you to The Elevation Group.  I first heard about this at the end of 2011.  I watched and listened.  Then I joined the group. I found that so much of it resonated with me, I became an affiliate-- and an advocate-- to spread the word.

The Elevation Group is technically one man's journey to learn how the middle class can invest like the rich and have the returns and prosperity of the rich.  It also shows how Mike Dillard is protecting his assets against the down-turn he feels is inevitable.

*Mike shows you why he thinks the country and the world are in a financial decline... so you can decide for yourself.

* You learn step-by-step what you can do to protect your money so you will have money for food, clothing, housing... and fun... regardless of the political or economic climate.

*Mike shows how to raise children who are financially aware and won't squander an inheritance.  You can pass on to your posterity, not only how to preserve money, but how to be generous to others.

*You don't have to be a financial genius to prosper.  Mike speaks in plain English.  He explains risks and rewards. So you can make informed decisions and feel secure in what you choose.

*You are given options to work with the people Mike works with-- attorneys, accountants, financial planners. You have a list of resources that have been checked out and proven honorable.

*In times of distress, money moves.  It can move from you... or to you. Prepare for your future by positioning yourself for the money to move to you.

I have been very impressed. I've learned a lot of new things I hadn't learned in years of listening to financial gurus.   The steps I've taken have brought good results.

Click on the link.  Check out The Elevation Group for yourself.  Be free to write, but be wise and plan your financial future as well.

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