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Start Building Wealth Now!

You Already Know What a Solo 401k Can Do for You.

You want the freedom to take advantage of that PROFITABLE investment opportunity. You want the power to make money with:

  • Real estate
  • Gold and silver
  • Tax liens
  • Mortgages
  • Foreign currency
  • Commercial paper
  • Rental property
  • Stocks and bonds
  • Forex trading
  • Businesses

You want the flexibility to borrow money from yourself.

You know this is the way to build security. Smart people move to this RETIREMENT PLAN THAT PROMISES THE FREEDOM to live as you chose.

Do I qualify for a solo 401k?

Take this quick quiz:

  1. Do you own a business? Does that business have fewer than 2 full time employees? (Don’t include co-owners and family members as those employees.)
  2.  Do you make or do you intend to make any money from a home business? (It does not matter if you also have another job or benefit program.) 
  • If you answer yes to either of these statements, you qualify!

But, which 401k plan is best? I promise to tell you the secret most 401k sales people don’t want you to know. A secret that puts you in a select group of investors. I’ll show you a video about how easy it is. But first, let me tell you about my friends, Mike and Joe.

Are You Smarter Than This Joe?

Mike and Joe graduated from high school together in the late 80’s. They both took more schooling and got jobs--Joe in the jewelry business, Mike as an accountant. Later they started their own businesses.

Is What You Have… What You Want?

Recently they talked over drinks at their school reunion. Joe drove his jaguar. He flashed gold rings. “I’m setting things up for a good retirement,” Joe confided. “I got this bang-up solo 401k-- I can use it to invest in real estate!”

“Smart move,” said Mike. “I did that about 10 years ago.”

“I got a great deal,” said Joe. “I get life time service. It came in a leather embossed binder. And it only cost me $6000.”

Mike choked on his drink. Mike had researched self directed solo 401k’s. He knew 90% of the plans were identical! His needs weren’t special or unique, so he’d found a standard plan at group-like rates. He paid less than 1/6 of the price Mike did AND INVESTED THE DIFFERENCE.

“So you’ve found some real estate?” Mike asked.

“Just closed on a nice duplex. Good ROI,” Joe said. “My financial guy talked me through each step.”

Mike thought of the five houses he’d snapped up at rock bottom prices and said: “My plan has this FAQ section. I can access it 24/7. I’ve found the answer to every question I’ve had-- and some questions I hadn't even though of. It’s worked great for me.”

Mike added, “Have you looked at tax liens, discount mortgage notes, gold, or currency trading?”

Joe shook his head. “My guy talked about it, but I can’t remember what all he said. You do that stuff?”

“I’ve made more money in them than some of my rentals. I’ve gotten returns of 10-30%.” Mike grinned. “One discount mortgage note—I doubled my money in 6 months!”

“No kidding! How do you KNOW about all this stuff?” Joe demanded.

Good Research Makes You Money.

Mike thought a moment. Should he tell him? Should he share the pages on his solo 401k’s website? The ones filled with details about each investment opportunity. Risk vs. rewards. Minimum investments needed. Range of returns.  Everything he needed to make an informed decision. It even gave him reputable people to deal with. What a relief to know who to trust. THAT alone was worth the cost of the plan.

He thought of his high risk money in distressed debt making killer returns. And the safe private loans backed by solid equity in established buildings. He had his hedge of gold and silver in a secure location. And the power house contact who’d gotten him those great real estate foreclosure deals.

His SOLO 401K let him manage his money in a well balanced way. He was so much more confident of his financial future now than when his only choices were stocks, bonds, and mutual funds.

Mike pulled over a napkin. “Let me give you a tip.” He wrote the website down and slid it over to Joe. “You check this out and follow it, and come retirement, we can golf around the world together.”

First You Know.  Then You Do.

 A few weeks later, Mike got a call from Joe. “You’re the smartest person I know!”

“Not at all,” Mike said. “I just did my research.”

“I checked out,” Joe said. “Man, there’s so much information on there! I learned stuff my guy never told me. Just reading that FAQ was a college class in itself. I bet I could tell my financial planner a thing or two now.” Joe went on. “Now I understand all those other options!  Do you know what you can do with one of these solo 401k plans???”

“I do, Joe. I do.”

“Now that I know… I’ve got to catch up. I wish I’d known this years ago! Which one of these referrals have you dealt with?”

Mike laughed. “All of them. They are all professionals. Business men and straight shooters. Joe, you just have to figure out how much money you have to invest and pick the investments you feel most comfortable with.  You decide the risk. You choose the rewards.”

“I’m glad we connected at the reunion,” Joe said. “I just wish I’d talked to you first. You know how much money I could have saved on my 401k plan?”

Mike knew. Over $5000. But he didn’t want to rub it in. With MyChoice401k he’d gotten:

  •   the exact same solo401k plan as Joe,
  •  24/7 access to step-by-step use of the plan—how to set it up, to fund it, to take title—everything he’d ever needed,
  •  thorough investment information on a wide range of investment options,
  •  valuable Rolodex of some of the best investment companies and contacts in each the fields,
  •  special rate phone consultations for special help—if he ever needed them,
  •   and far lower annual fees,

“Don’t feel bad,” Mike said. “You got a leather embossed binder for your plan.”

Do You Need a $5000 Binder?

Did you find the secret?  90% of the plans are identical! They have the same legal terminology. They allow the same things. Indeed, most attorneys use the exact same plan. So what’s different? --The level of support and the fees.

Some folks want hand-holding—and are willing to pay big bucks. Some just don’t know better.

 Likely you were referred to this site by your financial advisor or trusted friend because they knew you would rather put in a little “sweat equity” to save 85% or more on your costs.

Chances are, you are pretty capable.  You can follow simple step-by-step instructions, fill out a few forms, and save yourself a ton of money. Get Started Now.

I will show you how easy this is to do.

If you’re like Joe—and already bought a  solo 401k plan—All is not lost. Find out how you can gain access to everything Mike uses at MyChoice 401k:

  • —the tutorials
  • -- the FAQ’s
  •  --the investment options
  • -- the experts with great deals

Sorry.  We can’t do anything about your fees. 

Catch up.   Click here now.

Educate Yourself So You Don’t DEPEND On Others.

Just like you don’t need to be a mechanic to drive a car, you don’t have to know everything to create your solo 401k.  Trust us to walk you through the process.  We’ll help you:

  • Create the solo 401k plan that fits your situation.  You can move forward building the retirement money you need.
  • Build a low-cost plan that doesn’t gobble your earnings in hidden annual fees.  Get to your retirement faster and get on with your dream life.
  • Give you step-by-step instruction to open an account and fund it. You'll have money at your fingertips for instant use to close the best deals.
  • Show you how to make deposits, transactions, and even take out a loan. You won't have to worry about those immediate expenses.
  • Educate you on investment options. As a smart investor, you can retire better.
  • Recommend ethical experts in each investment area.  You'll work with people you trust.
  • Provide you with an in depth FAQ area to answer all your questions. You'll avoid all those dumb mistakes because you just didn't know.
  • Guarantee your 401k plan will work for you or your money back. How easy is that?

It’s YOUR money we’re talking about. It’s important and precious to you. I understand. You don’t want to make mistakes. Instead you want to grow your retirement so in later years, you can enjoy a rich, satisfying life.

“I wanted to thank you for your help in setting up my checkbook 401k. I just purchased my first property within this plan. I went to the local bank, where I have my account, got a bank check for the purchase price. As easy as that!  – B. Landers

MyChoice401k has a safety net. If, at any time, you feel you need extra help you can purchase phone support. Even if you spent 2 hours on the phone (more than most full service plan customers use) you’d still pay far less.

Now, in all honesty, if you just want to pick up the phone and have someone else to all the work, this plan isn’t for you. Give us a call, and we’ll recommend someone who can create the exact same 401k plan—with phone support--and it will still cost you half what the big guys charge.

But here’s what you miss—

Knowledge is Power.

Not everyone has your best interests at heart. Stock brokers make money when you buy and sell stocks and mutual funds. What’s good for them isn’t always good for you.

If you really want to use someone you can trust— someone who puts you first-- use yourself!  When you put yourself in the driver’s seat, you get to make the important decisions. You have the power and the control.

 " I've turned about $55,000 into a little less than $254,000 with the closings I have next week.  You told me it was only worth the effort if I'd use it.  I'm using it.”                          -- Larry G.

MyChoice401k’s simple tutorials and step-by-step instructions make you the knowledgeable expert on your finances. Your “sweat equity” of a little time and learning for yourself gains you the same powerful plan others pay $6000 for.

But more than that, your new-found knowledge puts you in the driver’s seat, so you don’t have to hand over your financial future to someone else. Think how good it will feel when someone says to you: “You know so much! Where did you learn all that?”

And it’s easy. Just one step at a time.

Rest assured, if at any point you feel you need additional help, you have quick access to special rate phone support from our expert staff.

See the Easy Steps to Set Up Your Plan

Check out this video and see for yourself how easy it is to set up your solo 401k plan! Your time is money—and you save BIG when you spend a little time setting up your plan.

[short video]

Get started now.



And that’s not my only guarantee. I promise you:

  • You can do it!  Or your money back. If you don’t have a working plan, set up and funded within 60 days, we’ll give you your money back.
  • If you need help beyond the tutorials, beyond the thorough FAQ section—you can call in for reduced rate assistance. And if you have a general question that’s NOT covered in the FAQ—you’ll get the call for free!
  • Our recommended resources are professional and have shown long term profitability. If you have problems with any of our investment specialists—contact us.

I know you’re ready to get started. There’s no other plan with the value of MyChoice 401k. But before we do, I want to share other benefits.

The Savings Keep on Coming!

Just like you don’t want to waste money on overpriced plans, you also need to check out the fees some self-directed 401k plans charge to, buy, sell, take title, do paperwork, or transfer money.  Some increase fees as you make more money!

The MyChoice401k plan costs you $200/year to use.  There are no further fees from MyChoice401k no matter how much money you have, how many transactions you make or how many people are in the plan.  You control the other fees—bank fees, transactions fees—as you choose your bank, closing agent, and other investment professionals.  My Choice401k’s unique promise: MUCH LOWER fees!

“If [plan fees] are excessive, they doom plan participants to a sorry fate: retiring into despair and running out of money.”—Brooks Hamilton

No Office Hours.

 As you work through your plan, you can do it at your convenience—at 2 am in the morning if you want! The FAQ section and the tutorials are open 24/7 for your use.

No Waiting.

Other plans can take up to a month or more to get. If you see an attorney, you wait to get an appointment. You wait for people to call you back.

Here, you get to be in charge. You choose the time you want to apply. You choose how soon you want to make a significant boost in your retirement options.

And you don’t have to wait for the plan. Within 48 hours MyChoice401k will be in your hands. You’ll get detailed information on how to get it started and funded so you’ll soon be on your way to profitable investing.

Bottom Line.

Many 401k plans charge “what the market will bear.” So if you’re an uninformed investor, you might be like Joe—paying far too much for your plan. Low end plans charge $2250. High end plans can be $6000 or more.

And that’s just the initial fee. Annual maintenance can run into the thousands. It can drain away your hard earned profits.

MyChoice401k keeps its fees low because smart people like you can follow tutorials. You can learn from simple how-to’s to open your own bank accounts and fill out your own forms to deposit and invest. Our automated tutorials and FAQ’s mean savings for you.

You can get a complete 401k plan. The plan including the trust, the documentation, and all the paperwork needed to deposit, roll-over, invest and record your transactions.

It costs you $750. That’s it. It’s a steal. I know it. You know it. Don’t let it get away.

There are even payment options.

Click now to get started.

And to get you started, when you order now, I’ll also send you a free report: How to Legally Borrow Money from your 401k.This content rich report helps you get the most from your 401k.

Learn when you can borrow and how much. Learn the tips for simple paybacks and the one thing you can never do.

What’s more, I’ll have Joe, my expert on Investing in Real Estate foreclosures send you his insiders report on Getting the most from your Real Estate Dollars.

He shares his 20 years of experience so you can start investing like a pro.

Start now.    I’ll see you in the website.

Joshua Sharp

PS.  This is the FIRST time MyChoice401k has been offered at this remarkable price.   I don’t know how long I will be able to keep the price this low.  Take advantage of it right now.

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