Web Content Writing

Copywriting for websites:

www.writing4income.com -- all blog postings are my work

www.TeenStyleu.com --  for a sample of my copywriting skills in writing web copy for teen girls on modesty and fashion.  All writing on this site is my work.

www.patientcodesoftware.com/ - Tech start up for hospital coding company

www.predictiveaviation.com - Company selling predictive algorithms for airline safety and maintenance

www. Softwarebugfinder.com  Start up tech company for fast discovery of software bugs.

www.intelliroutertech.com Tech start-up company with faster information routing systems.

www.Quantumde.com Start-up company with novel quantum sized computing technology

www.wiperitetech.com Health and safety proceedure for hospital medical equipment

www.disosablephinstruments.com Start up tech company investing in a simple, accurate pH reader

www.iddrillingsolutions.com Tech company with a diamond drill for hard rock mining.

www.paintcansealer.com Novel, simple paint can sealer that prevents splatters and can dents.

www.safetysprayinnovations.com A child safety technology for common household spray bottles

www.nextgensight.com Fast change gun site holder

http://scientificcim.com Novel technology for the creation of ceramic parts for engines