Helps for your Newsletter

June 7, 2014 by

If you're putting together your own HVAC newsletter, you may need help with some of the technical parts. is a great website to assist you.  It's a tutorial library of skills.  Instead of checking out books, you check out videos.   Each video is designed to teach you a small segment of learning.

You don't have to listen for hours... or you can.  What I love about the library is it's designed for busy people who need to learn a new skill.

you can pop in, watch the 10 minute tutorial, and then go and do it.

This is great if you are in the middle of your newsletter design.  Or if you want to send a personalized email to your customer list and don't know how to do mail merge.

In five or 10 minutes you can be up to speed!

Zip over to and get those tutorials.  There is a fee.  But you can join for a month, learn your skills, and move on... until the next time you need skills updated.

You may never need   But if you do, It's nice to know she's just a few keystrokes away.


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