The Fun, The Lifestyle…. The Money?

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What makes us love the written word, play with words, cherish and value them?  I wonder if it’s innate—some inborn instinct that drives us to put words to paper.  And then, is it a romanticized version of a writer's life that pulls us into writing as a profession? Writing on the beach, or from the comfort of your bedroom slippers.  Having the freedom to make your own schedule.  It's possible you and I can work together to make this happen if your heart shouts "yes!" to these statements.  I'm looking to connect with someone who says:

  •             I’m driven to write.
  •             I’m committed to make this work.
  •             I’m willing to learn what I need to learn and do what I need to do to be successful.
  •             I can take direction and criticism and learn from it.
  •             I am willing to write to and for a specific market.
  •             I can change how I write and limit my parameters of expression for a purpose.
  •             I’m willing to write something other than my “favorite way” in order to earn money.

Because the truth is lots of people DO make money with their writing.  As we go along, we’ll explore the vast variety of ways of making money with writing. We’ll go beyond the rosy glasses of picture book, novel, and magazine writing (although we will visit those) to writing for hire, ghost writing, business to business writing, copywriting, direct sales copy, internet copy, directions, recipes, how-to's and writing manuals.  I’ll share my opinions—or the opinions of others—about different books, courses, and methods of writing.  We'll discuss skill sets necessary for each kind of writing. We’ll talk pricing and marketing.  We’ll cover where the jobs are and how to find them.

I guarantee you, brilliant writing, correctly marketed does pay… and it pays well.

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