Understand Your Customers without Talking to Them

November 14, 2012 by

I came across this powerful video of Jay Abraham.  Here he clearly explains how to use Amazon and their mass of data to focus and improve your copy.  If you want to connect with your customers the best way is to talk to them and see what they want and need.  If you can't do that.  Here's another option.

Listen and learn.  It's insightful information.

When you read the headlines, sub-heads and editorial copy you may find words or phrases the resonate with you and your reader.

You can create a Customer Profile Using Amazon Customer Reviews

  1. Find a book your audience is reading
  2. Go to the customer reviews
  3. Study their comments
  4.  Note their likes and dislikes
  5. Use those comments to sketch a customer profile
  6. Use the comments to make sure your copy addresses the things your product will do for them (based on positive reviews) and the things I'll eliminate for you (based on the negative reviews.)

As you do this, you understand your customer, you think like them and you use their voice.

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