Why Freelancers Charge so Much

March 29, 2013 by

When writers decide to go freelance, they sometimes compare their hourly pay for freelance work with the hourly rate they made at their former job.

This is like selling your HVAC system at cost.  First, you don't make money.  Second, you lose money because you still have overhead.

Writers have overhead, too.  They have to consider home office costs, health insurance, retirement plan and other costs.

Sometimes you think writers are charging too much per hour of writing.    It's not just the time it takes to write, it's also the years and years of experience.  The hours spent learning, honing, and mastering the craft.  Many of those were done without any kind of pay.

In the same way, your hourly rate take into account your skill level, your professionalism, and the experience you have.  When you know you do excellent work and satisfy your customers, you feel confident charging your hourly rate.

What is wonderful about this world is that we can each work to our best skill levels.   I promise I will never try to fix my heater or air conditioner.  I'll leave that to the experts.

And you may decide it's not worth your time to write your brochures, web pages, or newsletters.  It's so much easier to leave it to the experts and focus on what you do best.



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