How to Get Happily Published

December 12, 2011 by

You've had that perfect story dancing in your head.   Or that powerful how-to you're sure will make you millions.  Now, you're ready to go for the gusto.  I want to recommend one of my favorite books.  It's sensible, thorough, and packed with information.  I know, I've made it sound pedantic.  But actually, it's a good read.  It's especially good if you really want to check out your manuscript and see if it's truly ready for publication.  Then it helps you navigate the publishing field-- chose a house, write a query letter, send it in proper format, and in total-- look like a professional write while you do it.

Writing for publication is much different than simply writing... or writing for your (or your family's) enjoyment.  There are treasured places for that kind of writing, however writing for publication requires you consider the audience: first of the editor and the house he or she represents, and second the audience of the publisher.  You must take into account their goals, wants, and needs and make sure your writing exceeds those goals.  Published writers understand and love those readers.  They charm and delight them.   They speak with a voice so unique it can't be dismissed.  Judith Appelbaum, author of How to Get Happily Published, helps you review your manuscript with an eye to these ultimate readers.

Once you've determined your audience and insured you will, indeed, charm them, it's time to connect. It's SO important to make a good first impression.  You only have one chance.  How to Get Happily Published helps you make that good first impression.  Judith walks you through the steps of a proper introduction.  She guides you through the formatting process so your manuscript looks polished.  She covers different publishing options so you can be confident you are choosing the best one for you and for the material you are presenting.  You will feel like you've got a friend with you during this sometimes daunting process.  I encourage you to get to know her.

Judith Appelbaum has extensive experience in nearly all phases of the publishing industry.  She's spent many years asboth editor and author. You can check out more about her and her helps at:  (Affiliate link.)


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