About Me

Bring in New Customers, Increase Customer Loyalty and Grow your Bottom Line

Sandy Fox Copywriter

Sandy Fox currently writes newsletters for Heating & Air Conditioning businesses.  She also assists owners in setting up and writing their own newsletters and helps them promote their companies.

Her goal is to bring in new customers, increase customer loyalty in your company, and grow your bottom line.

She has written home improvement and home care articles as well as HVAC articles. She understands small business owners and the power of a personalized approach to their customers.

Don't Leave Money on the Table!

Many HVAC owners leave money on the table because they are not focusing on their existing customers.  Sandy helps you showcase your expert status, give value to your customers and keep you in their minds.

She has written persuasive and sales copy for B2B and B2C small and medium sized companies.  She also enjoys promoting HVAC companies through case studies, landing pages, and auto-responder copy.  She has an in depth understanding of web content and search engine optimization.

Use my Writing Skills to Build Trust and Loyalty so Customers Buy from You

She wants to position your company and your products so customers know they will make their lives better, safer, healthier, and more enjoyable.  Then they will be willing and interested in buying from you.

Sandy Fox graduated from the University of California at Davis.  She began her writing career as a staff writer for Okinawa Today, a magazine for English speakers on the southern island of Okinawa.  She went on to publish more than 250 stories and articles in print magazines and hundreds more on the web. She is a master wordsmith.

Sandy taught for seven years as an instructor for the basic and advanced course with the Institute of Children's Literature. This included, critiquing, line editing, and sharing ideas and techniques of writing with the focus of publication. She is therefore skilled at taking complex material—or your partially shaped ideas-- and making them simple and understandable.

She can find the story in your business and your products and make them interesting to your customers.  When they know and trust you, they turn to you first for their HVAC needs.

Let Sandy help you grow you income through newsletters and marketing.

Contact Sandy Fox at sandy@Writing4Income.com.

The first consultation is complementary.