The Writer’s Journey into the Business of Writing

I’ve spent 20 plus years writing.  I love it! I created this site for two reasons:

1. To showcase samples of my copywriting work.

If you’re interested in learning more about me and my writing, check out these pages:

For information about me click the Copywriting tab.

For samples of my writing, click on Portfolio. 

To see what people say about me, click on Testimonials.

2. To help other writers interested in the business of writing.

Regardless if whether you write fiction or nonfiction, magazine articles or books, web copy or direct mail, there are some skills all writing has in common.  As we improve those skills, we become more valuable to our clients and readers.

Writing as a business means you choose to write in areas and places where people want to buy.  This “purpose driven” writing means you write for the reader, for the editor, for the company, for the market.

All writers in business must promote or sell themselves, their ability to produce, and their work.  The best writing sells itself, but authors  must still get those words in front of the right editor or marketing manager. Writing as a business means you sell yourself as a skilled writer and you sell your words by presenting them, sometimes on speculation or trial.

The business of writing means learning to build on successes.  It also deals with getting turned down or rejected.  My blog covers tips and strategies for success.  It offers useful websites or products.  It gives suggestions for a niche that might help you build your writing business.

Check the Blog to find the tools and skills you need to choose a profitable niche for your writing.  And the encouragement to go for it!

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