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 Would you like to rise above the dog-eat-dog world?

 It’s tough to succeed in the HVAC business. You know what it takes to price things right.  Then some new guy shows up, undercuts you, and steals your customers. He goes out of business, but you’re left trying to get your customers back and explain why you can’t offer cut-rate prices every time.

Some customers see you as no different from the next HVAC company. How can you explain how you’re a better choice? When do you get a chance to tell your customers the benefits of always doing business with you?

 Become the Hero!

Imagine the chance to give customers exactly the information they want. You take time to explain why your company is the best choice for them… and they LISTEN!

Imagine sharing great heating tips—just before winter sets in. And helping them save on summer cooling costs just as the temperature rises.

Think of the loyalty you grow as you’re there for your customer in all four seasons. They come to think of you as the trusted expert. They only want to do business with you. You are the first person they call when they need any HVAC service.

 Spread the Word

 Share your great promotions, newest products, and service specials with your entire customer base. Give every customer a chance to view your specials.

What’s more, you give your customers an easy way for them to tell their friends about you. They’ll share your good advice on Facebook. Pass your great deals on to friends who need some HVAC help. And send neighbors to you for service.

 Use an E-mail or Direct Mail Newsletter to Secure Loyal Customers

The secret to becoming your customer’s hero … the secret to winning the trust and loyalty of your customers so they never use another HVAC company...the secret to eliminating all your competition… is a well-crafted newsletter.

  How Your Newsletter Eliminates Your Competition

Studies show customers will pay more to shop at a place where they feel understood, valued, and respected.  They will gladly pay more to a company whose service, value, and ethics they trust.

When you send a newsletter, you create that sense of trust, value, and respect. You build a relationship. Customers want to buy from people they know and like.

 Five Ways Newsletters Build Relationships and Credibility

  1.  You keep your company name in front of your customers. In this busy world, people have short attention spans. Yes, they used you a year ago… but when the AC breaks, they may call the first number in the phone book. Your newsletter makes sure they remember you and have your number at hand.
  2. Give value and reward your customers. Make sure your special customers know when the next sale is. They can plan their purchases. They appreciate your promotions and discounts in the newsletter. You make them feel special and always in the know.
  3. Listen to your customer’s needs and concerns. Interactive aspects of newsletters let customers click on links to learn more, send in questions to be answered, and call you for advice. Your dialogue makes more loyal customers who turn to you for advice and products.
  4. Teach and share. Share about your family, your company, and your products then your customers come to see you as a friend. Teach about energy efficiency, savings, products, and best choices and you become a trusted expert.
  5. Keep your customers safe. Your good advice saves time, money, and risk. Your annual maintenance program means customers never have to worry about dirty or unsafe equipment. When you care about your customers, they turn to you for all their needs and recommend you to their friends.

 Send Newsletters. See Results. Get started now.

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Your quarterly newsletters come ready to be printed or emailed.  Print them and direct mail or use an email service which tracks who opens your emails and who clicks on the links. You will see how effective your newsletter is by charts… and by phone calls and orders. Done for you printing or emailing services available upon request.

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